Saturday, February 26, 2011

views of human nature

hope that u all are fine with the grace of god and going well with your life.
today i have nothing special to say or to share but the only reason for what i have aprroached you is about some true facts about human nature n its behaviour which i myself has felt today so in order to check it by the means of your views i am writing this blog.
man always tries to give his best but in my case whenever i want to do something good it results in a opposite condition.i can hardly remember a moment when i have done something and it has gone in the right way.i dont know why it happens to me?but in order to get the solutions of these problems i was thinking the whole night but was totally helpless and was unable to find the solutions.
i dont know how to get rid of this problems and when ever i asked to myself that would i be able to get the  sucess in this regard i always find myself unanswered so this one kind of human nature that when a person struggles with his own thoughts and feelings he is almost helpless to get the answer in his favour.
   coming on to the another side of this situation when i tried myself to get the views of others in this regard they named it as my own perception and some of them name it as the thoughts of a phillosophical mind and a few of them regard it as my sense of madness, as one of my friend always do to me. whenever i ask him about myself that how can i make my life better or whenever i ask any of my nearest one about  this they simply ignore it. so itz the second most important view of the society upon anyone's feelings.
and the most prominent nature which is the third nature view of any other person regarding any one's thought is that they just ignore it or some of them name it as useless talkings.
so these are the feelings of the society around me about my thoughts n i must say that its not in my case only instead its in the case of the human community as a whole.
so i should say that we must respect the feelings of one another as its the only way through which we can come closer to every one in the society or if we can't respect it then we dont have the right to make fun of it as it can hurt someone.
i just shared it with you people because this things happend with me no. of times but still i have the ability to share the feelings b'coz i know that everybody has a soft corner in his heart so one day this softness will melt all the hard and rude natures of humanity one day.
i will also suggest to the people who are always being hurt byt others to just keep their feelings inside nand not to share it as a few of them can make fun of it.
so feelings are various ways of can strike someones mind or it may can change someone's life.
at last i must say that  feelings n emotions are the great captains of our lives n we must obey them n respect them otherwise it can these captains can keep us systemetically away from its real feeling.

hope that u all will respect 
each one's feelings n emotions 
with love n respect

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  1. बहुत अच्छी पोस्ट, शुभकामना, मैं सभी धर्मो को सम्मान देता हूँ, जिस तरह मुसलमान अपने धर्म के प्रति समर्पित है, उसी तरह हिन्दू भी समर्पित है. यदि समाज में प्रेम,आपसी सौहार्द और समरसता लानी है तो सभी के भावनाओ का सम्मान करना होगा.
    यहाँ भी आये. और अपने विचार अवश्य व्यक्त करें ताकि धार्मिक विवादों पर अंकुश लगाया जा सके., हो सके तो फालोवर बनकर हमारा हौसला भी बढ़ाएं.
    मुस्लिम ब्लोगर यह बताएं क्या यह पोस्ट हिन्दुओ के भावनाओ पर कुठाराघात नहीं करती.